So what does it take to be a Yoga Teacher?

  • Knowledge of anatomy?
  • Expertise at headstand?
  • Hyper-flexibility?
  • Yoga Alliance accreditation?
  • Repeated visits to India and every ashrams?
  • Zero size body?
  • Holy Yatras?
  • Ability to create something new, Like a new religion, new racism like vegan, new ropes…Knowledge of Vedas, Thirumanthiram, Yoga Sutras, Hatha yoga Pradipika…?

What if I said none of the above?

Yes, some of the points are highly irrelevant, some of the points in the list are optional, and not the core essentials of becoming a Yoga Teacher. –
As per my realisation.

To become a Yoga Teacher one must know how to be a YOGA STUDENT First and the Second is THE LOVE for SHARING to the NEEDY (with a fee or without a fee but definitely not robing his/ her properties). Yes, at least 40% of the student in you has to be awake even when teaching. The Yoga Student has to have some essential qualities, which have nothing to do with the list above.

A true Yoga Student is!!

  • Sincerely Disciplined & Committed to Sadhana (self-practice)
  • Strong belief in the process of Yoga.
  • Is receptive, ready, vulnerable to life experiences.
  • Understands Yoga as a pursuit of Self-mastery – Honors the culture and the predecessors who are just ahead in the path of yoga.
  • -Ability to learn from the small and simple things happening around and inside ( Every sensation can be a learning)

Only when the Yoga Student has a well-rounded approach to the process and practice of Yoga he/she can be an efficient channel of transmission and inspiration.

Yoga Teachers are nothing but a living inspiration, a reflection of their practice. Do You, as a Yoga Teacher, see yourself as a Yoga Student?

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