My COVID Chronicle

COVID is raging in its extremely aggressive form overwhelming every health setup. Almost it has struck every home, neighborhood, friend, or family.

I and my family is no exception. I fell victim after 1st vaccination. This is my COVID chronicle meant to install Hope and proclaim that we as a society can win this war against COVID with comfort.

  • Day -5: Announced Yoga Shalai Lockdown
  • Day -4: We transformed to online-only Yoga Shalai
  • Day -2: My son got Fever
  • Day-1: No fever for my son, but my daughter got Fever, and my wife was with throat pain
  • Day Zero: Both my kids got fully recovered… wife suffered from fatigue all day long, me with High fever … canceled the 11:00 AM class
  • Day 1: Wife had on and off Fever, me with Continues fever… Did not cancel the classes, as I practice along with the students some gentle sequences, found it to be very refreshing…  Medication: Started taking in herbal streaming
  • Day 2: Me and wife with Fever, Sunday! so only morning classes… took rest for 18 hrs… Medication: herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam
  • Day 3: Me and wife struck with cough… had to cancel 2 classes. Medication: herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam
  • Day 4: Wife with fatigue… me no symptoms… Happily started a full schedule of classes. Post work finished all pending homework, suddenly felt too tired… the fever returned. Forgot about the herbal streaming.
  • Day 5: Due to Intence work fever returned and lasted for almost 24 hrs… took a day off… wife was struck with flu and fatigue. Medication: Azithromycin, zincovit, vitamin c, Dolo 650, herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam
  • Day 6: Students started sending healthy home-cooked food… wife was struck with flu and fatigue… I recovered from the fever, but extreme Cough… so have to cancel all classes for the day…Medication: Azithromycin, zincovit, vitamin c, Dolo 650, herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam
  • Day 7: Took the test… obviously COVID Positive… started monitoring  Spo2 levels… Wife with minimum cough, and the fatigue started to fade away… Medication: Azithromycin, zincovit, vitamin c… herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam… except the morning 5:00 AM class took all classes
  • Day 8: Saturday… Only 4 classes, canceled 5:00 AM class, the afternoon started working on my breath shortness… Started yoga therapy… Medication: Herbal streaming, and Sivasu’s kasayam
  • Day 9:  Had to cancel the kid’s class, as subconsciously I talk with hip pitch… can’t afford to hurt my throat… we both suffered from mild fatigue… Enjoyed the food… slept all day. Medication: Herbal streaming, Vitamin C, and zincovit.
  • Day 10: No symptoms for me… my wife with slight fatigue… Enthusiastically returned to the full schedule. At last, the full satisfactory day returned
  • Day 11: Found good relief for breath shortening after a tough Sarvangasana sequence. me and my wife with no symptoms felt refreshed 
  • Day 12: Back to the so-called normal!!!

I am thankful to the virus for being kind to me and my family. I am very grateful to my dear students for their prayers, yummy health food, medicines, advice, care, gate visits… Thank you ?

Vijay Rampal

The Lessons Learnt

COVID is not that dangerous as portrayed in Indian media, it’s like the common flu but very very contagious, all we got to do is prevent the flu from transforming into pneumonia. so stop watching the news. beyond worldly knowledge, we need our body knowledge, what is happening inside matters more.

Practice Yoga / Exercise before the flu reaches the chest, if it reaches the chest take rest and avoid stressing the lungs.

Practice restorative yoga to prevent fatigue, as we move in restorative yoga the joints get loosened, the body stops building stiffness, muscles move freely thereby efficient breathing is ensured. check out my restorative yoga sequence

To improve breath shortness Practice Sarvangasana and Sirsasana variation really helps in making the diaphragm fluid, activates all breathing muscles, then finish the practice with a gentle pranayama and mediation practice that empowers us with clarity and mental strength.

Get information from authentic sources, speak with your doctors, know whats happening, then react upon.

Never get afraid, because the mind with fear is shaky, a shaky mind can only deliver an inefficient short breath. This makes the problem worse, staying fearless with awareness is very important.

Stick on to our traditional food and habits, the food we eat is medicine in disguise, the culture we practice are scientific methods that keep our human potentials growing.

Be happy, entertain… as happiness releases dopamine, one of the rarest magic healing portion in the universe, all present in you, releases when happy or in dark! (close your eyes and meditate).

Make sure you end the covid line, no more covid victims from us. lets stop this.

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