The term weight loss has occupied the minds of Indian for the past decade. Obesity has ben targeted as a root cause of diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, Heart diseases, Gout and many more disorder, Thus obese individuals are sentenced with guilt: a painful load to bare. The next big cause of the weight loss propaganda is the six packs.., sexy bodies.. exhibition carried out by media and the assumed celebrities. By now the publicity for weight loss has reach its crazy march knocking every doors with products like fat burners, hot belts, fitness equipment, shaping vest for men and women, tailored diets, zero sugar sweets, pills… powders…, surgery, massage others rest at the creative heads of marketing team.

All such strategies are targeting a single dimension of human being, i.e.. Vedas pronounces human beings are empowered to access  control over Annamaya kosha ( The Physical Body), Pranayama kosher ( The energy body), Manomaya kosha ( The mental Body), Vijnanamaya kosha ( The Intellectual body) and Anandamaya kosha (The Soul body), every detail of the function of these Kosas have been well registered by our ancestors in Vedas, and the method to access the controls systems of the the dosas is yoga.

YogaVanam offers yoga for leanness as a process/ path to gain balance between the sheaths (Kosas) and creating a space for harmonious movement between the sheaths, empowering the mankind to reach its highest potential.

The twelve day intensive course provides the learner some asanas which enriches alignment, sequence of asana flow enhancing endurance, pranayama practice empowering energy utilisation and meditation method as an tool to access the highest potentials of the mankind.



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