Yoga Therapy: The Alignment Approach


Extension and elongation of the spine gives freedom to the cord and the motor nerves to function at its optimal capability. compressing the spine will add strength to the vertebrates. so a perfect blend of asana will ensure the spinal elongation and strengthening.
At an abstract forward bending lengthen the spine and backward bending shorten the spine in the posterior. Lengthening the anterior side embraces more space for motor nerve, this very act could result in providing vital energy and sense, empowering the organs the function with intelligence, that is the very reason backward bending Asana are employed during therapeutic sessions.Posterior lengthening of spine helps to elongate the spin and hold to the position. thereby we arrive at a stable alignment.

Siddhartha was looking for a different way of life. He embraced meditation as a means to that end and sought-out the leading teachers of meditation.

Although he became very skilled at meditation, Siddhartha did not see it as the only way to combat the difficulties of life or to solve the problems associated with suffering and rebirth (or reincarnation).

He continued his search for answers. Focusing on his body, he tried fasting and focused on ways to liberate his soul. He fasted so long that he nearly died.

When he was close to death, a young girl saved his life by giving him a gift – a bowl of rice and milk. Siddhartha realized that if he starved again, he would die without having achieved anything meaningful in his life. Such a path would be futile.

Disciplining the body through extreme self-denial, in other words, did not help Siddhartha to solve the problem of human misery and suffering. He needed a different way to get to the state of mind he desired.

Then the Prince saw a musician tuning his sitar.

When the strings were too slack, the instrument would not play. When the strings were too tight, they would snap. Only when the strings were neither too tight nor too slack would the instrument produce beautiful sounds.


Siddhartha realized that it was not just the middle way that worked well for the sitar. It was also the “Middle Path” that could lead to a state of tuneful harmony in his own life – to the state of enlightenment, inner peace and harmony – for which he was searching.

The philosophy holds good for spinal cord alignment. The Vedic representation of the human spinal cord as the musical instrument (Veena) The 24 frets of the instrument are analogous to the 24 cartilages in the spinal cord.

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