Why men argue and women win the fight?

The cosmic union

Yoga is unification, the oneness empowers us to destroy the dualities: good and bad, right and wrong like wise men and women.

Male and female makes life complete by complementing each other whereas competitiveness splits them into two, anatomically they differ by 15% from the brain size to the skeleton system, the breathing pattern has a distinct difference of 20%, since the rhythm of mind is greatly influenced by the breathing pattern, they have distinct mind.

So naturally and by habitually men are more logical and women are more intuitional, some contrast also exists like men favor understanding over feeling while women prefer feeling over understanding, men are good at maps while woman are good organizers, naturally both these characteristics have evolved to complement each other.

The artificial human created competitive environment (everyone is in the competitive race, so a new environment is created altogether) has a different view, they pronounce men and women are equals, by which women want to become more men (dominant and childish) and men are forced to become more women (charming and mature). Now both are not at their highest or true potential. Yoga and other practices that elevate one to higher realization demand truthfulness, men and women need to be truthful to their body and mind. Men and women are equally effective and completely has to be together for this to happen.

When you want to choose a car listen to the man: as his reasoning works out most of the time, when you plan to go to temple listen to a woman: as they feel subtitle energy better most of the time. Coming to the title, the reasoning skill men have practiced over these years have made them masters of arguments and the intuition skills the women possess have made the master of predictions when women predict they are going to loose an argument they fight these lazy men and win. Now the listening is not transferred, for learning listening is important. We live a short span, we can be effective and efficient only in the act of learning.

To understand this, let’s understand independence, dependence, and Interdependence. Independence and dependence are the same imaginary phenomena but at different extremities. Independence is imaginary, in fact it is impossible because we coexist with the universe, the tiny movement of the stars disturbs the sun, the tiny movement of the sun disturbs the earth drastically, how come it cannot disturb us. Dependence is also impossible, the earth does not depend 100% on the sun for survival, it depends even on many planets like the gravity of the Jupiter saves us from huge meteor and asteroids, in fact a small change is earth axis affect the solar system’s curriculum. The one thing that is true, is that we are interdependent, it is a natural phenomenon only egoless minds can accept it completely.

The knowledge of interdependence generates peace, a peace within yourself, the peace thus created is highly radiative, the radiation affects your women, then your family then the society, then the ecology, then the environment, then the magic of union with the cosmos happen. Yogis call this nirvana, let’s start radiating peace.

Symbolism of cosmic union

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