Just practice. Honest, raw, real. Not trying to be anything other than what it is. Nothing fancy. No tricks. No make-up. Just a little filter for better lighting. And yeah, me and my mat again in my typical home practice outfit. 

I’ve been working on this headstand for almost a years. Changing the head position and keeping the balance is really hard for me. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve fallen and tumbled out. I rarely have anyone help me since I mostly practice at home. I tool this picture today just to see how I’m doing and I was genuinely surprised to see myself in balance and in line. I can tell you it certainly feels like I’m not in balance or in line. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated to practice or like you just don’t have time, remember it only matters that you get on your mat for as little as fifteen  minutes day as often as you can. I practice six days a week, but not everyone can. I usually practice for 60-90 minutes but not always for that long (sometimes it’s just five minutes). It’s important to cherish every moment on the mat, to really honor and be thankful for whatever practice you do have the opportunity to do. In doing so, even a few breaths can take you deep into the inner world of peace and harmony. And it can change the quality of your day and truly make your world a more peaceful place. It does for me. I leave every experience on my mat with more peace, more love, more kindness and more humility. That’s why I practice. Headstands are fun, but if they’re not making you a better person they serve no purpose. No need to make an assana out of yourself, I for one already feel like enough of one. I’m practicing yoga to be a better person.

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