Should we stop modernisation of yoga?

Yoga without Indian tradition is busy in packaging health and wellness for our age of hyper-individualism. More than 5000 year old science is loosing its true value. So should we stop modernisation of yoga? Not at all. But we shouldn’t let it monopolize a single method or belief of attaining samadhi, Instead, we should cultivate Asanas, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness as equally fulfilling ways of seizing the present moment. At the same time, we would be wise to recognise that yoga is far from morally innocent. when yoga is taught without the first two stages (Yema and Neyama), then the complication begins, in fact yoga can only be built on the space filled with the aroma of Yema and Neyama. Thirumoolar introduces Yema and Neyama as follows



Ways of Iyama 

He does not kill, he does not lie, he dows not steal;
Of marked virtues is he; good, meek and just;
He shares his joys, he knows no blemish
Neither drinks nor lusts
This the man who in lyama’s ways stands.



Ten Virtues of Niyama 

Purity, compassion, frugal food and patience
Forthrightness, truth and steadfastness
These he ardently cherishes;
Killing , stealing and lusting, He abhors,
Thus stands with virtues ten
The one who niyama’s ways observes.

By witnessing various modern yoga practices and beliefs, I could pronounce yoga is not like all science which deliberates on innovation, yoga as a  science which now demands large efforts to research the traditional methods and practices and share these findings without any sought of customisation, after all we are not wiser than our Ancestors.

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