Rest in Love

Don’t send lists out into the universe. Prayer isn’t a time to register all your requests. Don’t enter into meditation thinking you need to visualize the same thing every day or else it won’t happen. Don’t do this, not because you shouldn’t have goals and dreams, but because thinking like this limits you to receive only the things you can conceive of. It’s an anxious state of mind that assumes that you’ll only achieve your dreams and be happy if you check off all the boxes, whether in prayer, affirmations or in life.

What to do instead? It’s so simple, yet so profound.

Rest in love. Yes, love. The love that is who you are. Just entering the sacred space of the heart is itself a prayer. You need no laundry list of wishes. All you need is a presence to radiate holiness and wholeness. Then you’ll be surprised and even overwhelmed at how much blessing awaits you in the hands of a power bigger and grander than you can imagine.
You certainly can’t force the spirit. If you go against God, you’ll be swimming pointlessly up stream. If the dreams you desire so badly aren’t coming true just yet, there’s probably a reason. One day it will all make sense. So, for now, for today, rest in love and trust that you are enough.

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