Have you opened the gift I have given you?

Life Gift

What would your wish if God appears before you?

A student asked me, with all the belief: a yoga teacher knows all, dose everything right, makes only correct decision …….. of course I am not that imaginary humanless person, and  it is the second time I face this question after my 5th grade essay competition.

God is smart enough to ask us before we ask him (He knows we are filled with greed)

The God Asks: “Have you opened the gift I have given you?”

This human race is increasingly becoming boring, 99.99% does not know they have a gift. The fraction of the Known has opened it and only few Buddhas have used it. The gift he is talking about is well spoken in all the religion, the human understanding has established. The process of opening the gift is also well deliberated:

  • Atanga Yoga : The eight stages of yoga.
  • SWARA YOGA: Controlling and manipulating breath.
  • KARMA YOGA: Dissolving in the work we do.
  • KRIYA YOGA: Moving towards consciousness.
  • BHAKTI YOGA: surrendering you and your actions to god.
  • like wise many….some even open it accidentally

The gift is wrapped in seven magical sheath, physically we cannot separate these wrapping papers and they are

  • Anatomic Body/ Annamay Kosh: The body made of food we eat.
  • Energy body/ Pranmay Kosh: The body made by the energy we use.
  • Mind Body/ Manomay Kosh: The body made by the thoughts engage.
  • Intellectual Body/ Vigyanmay Kosh:  The body made by our reasoning/ intentions.
  • Body of Joy/ Ananda-maya kosha: The body made by nothing.
  • body of consciousness/ Chitta Maya Kosha: The body of enlightenment.
  • body of pure spirit/ Atma Maya Kosha: The soul body.

Thus the gift becomes more and more magical as we open the wrapping sheets. I don’t know what kind of security system he is using, because only you can open your gift, even though the password is leaked, you know what the password is, its “Awareness”.

Get ready to open your gift…….lots of surprises to enjoy and share.

yoga gift

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