The Three Triangles

Triangle pose or Parivrtta Trikonasana is one of my favorite poses because it makes me feel grounded and connected to my body, pose allows my hips to open up, giving […]

The story behind Astavakrasana

Astavakrasana, the posters pose  ( marketing material), but the story behind Astavakrasana is one of my favorites! Do I say that every time? Cause it’s true, they’re all my favorites. […]

Take what you want !!!

Somewhere in every practice is a door that leads to peace, sometimes its serenity, sometimes its happiness…. sometimes its just enlightening. _ For the last fifteen years, I have made […]

You are so lucky

In life 99% is luck and the remaining 1% is pretty damn good luck and in fact, this luck is not influenced by an individual, or by a system or […]

Yoga for women’s health

All human beings are gifts of women in this world. In the Samkhya tradition there is purusha and there is prakriti, and these two are as separate as the clockmaker […]


One does not breath through both nostrils simultaneously except for a very brief period during the day. When one nostril is dominant, the other is recessive. Breath may be changed […]